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Winner of Microsoft DevCamp Beirut 2011.

DressBox is your perfect outfit assistant! It’s a virtual dressing room, and a virtual closet.

With DressBox you can try on clothes on an avatar of yourself, so you don’t have to go through the “real” trying on!

Adding items to your closet is easy, too. All you need is a picture!

If you see an item in a window, take a snapshot and try it on right there and then! You don’t even have to walk in the shop!

If you see a friend wearing something you like, take a photo and try it on!

If your friend is out shopping and finds something that you might like, just ask them to send the photo, and DressBox will let you try it on!

You can also use DressBox as an outfit calendar! Plan your look ahead of time, combining different items from your closet, or use it to remember what you were wearing on this or that day!

Key features:
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  • Virtual dressing room, with gestures like pinch, rotate and double-tap
  • Virtual closet, divided into four categories, with intuitive item adding
  • Schedule, to schedule outfits
  • Outfits section, to save your favorite outfits
  • Magazine mode, to create “magazine pages” instead of using an avatar
  • Facebook integration for outfit sharing
  • English and French support

Best of all, DressBox is 100% FREE for a limited time! Try it now!

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