dRemote – control your desktop media player from anywhere using your smartphone

 dremote dplayer

XDA-Developer Freckle has a problem.  He wanted to control his desktop Windows Media Player upstairs from his smartphone downstairs. Instead of looking at some of the existing solutions (e.g. the Sideshow client for Windows Mobile or GRemote) he created his own version, which apparently works pretty well, and goes further than most.

dRemote works using a desktop server and over the open internet, meaning it will work from anywhere, and also allows one to view a playlist on your phone and chose which music to play from there. The application also works with video.

See the app in action here.

While there are other solutions as mentioned earlier, at WMPoweruser.com we like to encourage new Windows Mobile developers, and we would encourage our readers to try the app.

Read more in this XDA-Developer thread here.