Media Molecule will be introducing DreamsVR to players and creators of their game maker software Dreams next month. 

Starting on July 22nd, DreamsVR will be introduced as part of a free expansion called Inside the Box. Inside the Box will include a collection of VR-making tutorials, kits and other things that players will need to create virtual reality experiences.

Upon starting DreamsVR, players will enter the All Aboard VR introduction scenario that will get players familiar with the game’s virtual reality control scheme. PlayStation VR experiences do not need to be created within Dreams’ VR mode.

“We’re incredibly excited to see the experiences the Dreams community will create and we’ve been busy making sure we give them the right tools to make that possible,” said Media Molecule on the PlayStation blog.

Dreams developer Media Molecule has stated that they hope to bring certain high quality user created games over to platforms other than PlayStation consoles sometime in the future.