Dragon Age: Inquisition's Trial Will Be Made Available Through EA Access On Xbox One


4, 2014

Dragon age inquisition EA Access

Dragon Age: Inquisition’s trial will be made available through EA Access. Beginning November 13, EA Access members can download a trial of the game and experience up to six hours of play. If gamers want to continue after that, they can purchase the game and continue their session.

Have you heard about EA Access? It’s a new service available exclusively to Xbox One with all kinds of cool perks. For $4.99 per month, you get access to The Vault, where you can download and play the best of EA’s games to your heart’s content.

EA Access members can also download upcoming EA games before their release date to try for a limited time. If you enjoy the game, buy it from the Xbox One Marketplace on release day (with a 10% discount, exclusive to members) and keep playing. Your progress will carry over into the full game!

For more information about EA Access, click here.

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