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Windows Phone 7 now has PDF supportBch writes us about a new problem he noticed while using his Windows Phone and how it handles PDFs.

At present Windows phone 7 users can download documents, including PDFs, from the web and email, where they remain accessible from the Adobe Reader app, which keeps a list of the files on the device, and also allows one to delete the documents.

Unfortunately the Adobe Reader does not integrate in the Office hub, and the Reader app also does not allow one to email or otherwise manipulate the pdfs on the device, meaning effectively files downloaded are trapped on the device.

The only alternative is to forward the original email, but this may not be possible if the email has scrolled of the sync list, or have been deleted.

The issue could easily be solves, most rapidly by Adobe by releasing an update for the Reader app which allows emailing PDFs, and possibly a bit more complicated, by integrating the app properly in the Office Hub. Hopefully drawing attention to the issue here will prompt such an update soon.

Read the Microsoft forum thread about the issue here.

Thanks Bch for the tip.

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