Download the Unofficial Pushbullet app now!

PB TITLEHave you ever wanted to send a link from your phone to your computer? Have you ever wanted to transfer music from your computer to your phone? With Pushbullet, you can quickly send a note, link, file, your location, or a list to another device that uses Pushbullet.

Pushbullet on Windows

I have been Beta testing the app over the past few weeks and I can tell you, it has made life a lot easier. I downloaded Pushbullet on my windows phone, windows 8 computer, and even Chrome browser (also available on Firefox). If I am browsing a web page on my phone, I hit the share button, click Pushbullet, click on the device I want to send it to (for example Chrome) and Chrome will automatically open the page on my computer.

Best of all, Pushbullet is available to use FREE with NO ADS!pbqr

Download Pushbullet for Windows Phone here.

Download Pushbullet for other devices and browsers here.