Download music and audiobooks for free to your phone and SkyDrive with Music Bandit


31, 2013

Music Bandit is a new free app for downloading music, ringtones and audio books from the web to your phone or SkyDrive. With Music Bandit you get the following functionality

  • Download music files from free music sites to your phone or SkyDrive
  • Play the downloaded music on your phone
  • Play streaming music from the web or SkyDrive
  • If you find good free music site with a download link, you can add it to Favorites
  • Built-in ringtone search engine
  • Flexible options to manage consumption of bandwidth when downloading music & ringtones
  • Integration with the Music + Videos hub
  • NO ADS!!!

The ability to download files to SkyDrive comes in very handy as a way to save storage space on your phone and to make music files available on your PC.  I often find great free songs linked from music blogs while browsing on my phone and its now a cinch to send them to my PC by downloading them to SkyDrive right from my phone. You should try this out.



Where Can I Get It?

Click here to get Music Bandit for Windows Phone

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