Double Sided Live Tiles, Deep Toast and more

WPCentral have published a recording of Microsoft’s session on what’s new in Live Tiles on Mango.

Most visually engaging is the new Double-sided tiles, which can now deliver twice the information and flip when an update arrives. Apps can now also have multiple tiles which link directly to their relevant section in an app.

Microsoft has also addressed the issue with running out of Live Tile slots, with the limit increased from 15 to 30. They have also made other much needed reliability, performance and efficiency improvements which will hopefully eliminate the issues many are currently experiencing with tiles not updating.

The other big improvement is that toast notifications can now communicate with an app and allow the launched app to go directly to the relevant part, unlike at present when the app does not know why it has been activated.  These so-called Deep Toast notifications will deliver much faster navigation and allow apps to react much more intelligently to outside events.

If the event is local however, such as an alarm or GPS position, apps can now send Local Notifications without having to round trip to an outside server.

All in all the improvements appear to make the system a whole lot more robust and capable, although I suspect we will soon be running out in space on our screens.

Read more at WPCentral here.