Don’t give up hope yet! Deutsche Telecom in negotiations for the Nokia Lumia 920

imageOver the last few days we have been reading that Deutsche Telecom, the parent of T-Mobile, will not be carrying Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone 8 handset, the Nokia Lumia 920, but only the WVGA Nokia Lumia 820.

This report was confirmed by support staff on both twitter and Deutsche Telecom’s support forums.

Now the company has released a statement denying these reports and said negotiations with Nokia was still on-going.

Calling the reports misinformation, they said at present there was no information to release.

The only German carrier who is confirmed to carry the Nokia Lumia 920 is Vodafone, who is much less popular in the area, so I am sure this report will give German T-Mobile subscribers a lot more hope.


Thanks Henrik for the tip.