Don’t Do It Nokia!

Nokia Sea Ray, Microsoft’s and Nokia’s flagship device, was set to be my next phone as well as the next big device in America. Unfortunately for me and thousands of other Mango enthusiasts, we’ll be out of luck due to the fact that Nokia will not be bringing Sea Ray to the States. I really hope this is a rumor because that phone is going to be amazing. Instead, Nokia plans on using a bit of a different strategy to approach American consumers. Their whole gameplan seems well thought out and potentially effective but I can give you a few good reasons why Nokia should maybe think twice before taking the same route as Android.

So the website SFGate managed to get information on how Chris Weber and the rest of Microsoft plan on making their builds #1 in the US. The list of ideas seems eerily familiar to what Google has done and is still doing with Android. Right now there’s a spectrum of Android phones ranging from high to low end models. The thing about that though is that a lot of consumers aren’t dumb and they will more than likely always want what the best quality phone. Why would companies waste their time producing low end devices with ice age specs when everyone knows the only people that can be convinced to buy them will be the old folk (got to call it like it is). I mean if that’s the market they are aiming for with the lower end phones then they should have at it, but old people hate adapting to new things and more than likely will already be content with their easy to use and simple iPhone. Unfortunately, they’re likely to not give the masterful simplicity of Windows Phone a try.

If Microsoft messes this one up, it’ll likely be the straw that breaks the camels back. If they plan on succeeding then they are going to need to sweep the consumer off his/her feet and blow them away with an amazing product. Most of my peers, believe it or not, don’t want anything besides the iPhone. Do you know why? Because they don’t think any other phone can compete. If someone mentions Android to them, they aren’t going to think about how great the Galaxy S II is, they are going to think about how their friend was having trouble with his/her older Android device and was on the verge of replacing it with the iPhone. I can’t tell you how many people I know have done that since the iPhone first came to Verizon. It’s a sad truth (well, maybe not all that sad), but word of mouth reigns supreme. The reputation that Windows Phone has isn’t the best at this point. The only way for WP7.5 will receive love from the masses, which it undoubtedly deserves is if people have minimal complications with their Mango devices. We know fragmentation and age really bring a bad rep to Android phones, so I honestly think if Microsoft wants to avoid that path they should only engage in production of top notch devices.

It sucks that in a world that’s now dominated by Apple (a position they certainly earned) , people can’t be open to something different–a better alternative. Those same people want something  that is simple, attractive, and powerful all at once. The thing about Android that does not appeal to the masses is the OS’s difficulty to completely understand and maintenance requirements. Those things that Android lacks, Windows Phone solves wields like no other. In some areas, Windows Phone is actually more comprehensible and user friendly than even the iPhone.

Now if we want to get into hardware then few, if any, OEM’s can match up to Nokia. Where Microsoft failed last year was with delivering great hardware to accompany their fledgling OS. Now that Nokia, which arguably makes the best phones, is going to be the manufacturer for WP, we should definitely expect top of the line smartphones. I just don’t understand what Nokia is trying to achieve with distributing low end phones. Well, I suppose they want to re-saturate the market with their devices. But, if they planned on releasing the Sea Ray in the US then they wouldn’t have needed much else–people WILL spend the money for the best (eg. iPhone)! Hey, I wouldn’t even be mad if they released those concept phones that there have been rumors circling around about.

So come on Nokia and Microsoft, if you really want to win in the US market your going to have to bring the heat. Please ignore whatever you heard about us in favor of cheap low spec phones because that is the complete opposite of what we want. Americans are broke but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to buy anymore, duh! And a cheap phone isn’t going to save us either. Everyone knows that the ball and chain that comes with the 2 year contract is where all of our money goes. So if we are going to be stuck with a phone for two years why wouldn’t we want it to be something just as good, if not better than the iPhone, the Sensation, and the Galaxy S II? Having a crappy phone that will most likely break while still under contract isn’t fun. My only hope is that if they don’t plan on bringing the Sea Ray to America, they provide us with something just as good. Even though Nokia probably thinks they have the American consumer’s best interest in mind with their gameplan, selling inferior phones won’t help Nokia make it in America.

(( Business Insider ))

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