Donate to a legend



duttythroy is one of the most prolific ROM developers on Many of our readers may be running one of his ROM’s right now. Unfortunately his contribution may have to stop for a while, as his primary device, a HTC Touch Diamond, has suffered a fall and is no longer usable.

Rallying some community spirit, XDA-Developer Moderator tnyynt has started up a fund open to donations to get Dutty up and running again. The target is 485 EU/375 UK, which Dutty wants to use towards HTC’s latest high-water mark, a HTC Touch HD. I am sure any prospective owners of the device will benefit greatly from any development he does on this new device.

So far about 100 Euro have been donated.

Donate through Paypal using this link here (Goal reached, link removed) and we will keep you updated on the progress.

Edit: So far £237 has been raised! Nearly there!

Edit 2: Now £274. Lets keep it going people!

Edit 3: £321!

Edit 4: Goal reached!

Thank you to all for donating generously and supporting our developers.

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