Does Windows Phone 8 win the iOS6 vs Android 4.1 vs WP8 feature battle?


Gizmodo has posted a comparison of the newest major operating systems, iOS 6, Android 4.1 and Windows Phone 8, and found that in many cases Windows Phone 8 came out ahead.

Looking at areas such as Apps, GPS Navigation, Messaging and 8 other areas, they found each OS has its strengths and weaknesses.

Interestingly however Windows Phone 8 did pretty well in the comparison, with better Facebook integration, better messaging, but video calling (courtesy of Skype), better mobile payments due to supporting carrier standards, better streaming for being standards based and better app icons due to the improved start screen.

They write:

 iOSAndroidWindows Phone
Apps650,000 apps. 225,000 for iPad. 600,000 apps, few tablet apps.100,000 apps, very few Windows 8 tablet apps
GPS NavigationTraffic updates, points of interest, and turn-by-turn navigation (which is well integrated throughout iOS 6), 3D maps, no  public transit directions, no Streetview3D buildings and offline caching, search, turn-by-turn navigation, and Street View. Indoor maps with Compass Mode employs a phone’s gyroscope to give you 360-degree interior views.Nokia Maps powered by NAVTEQ maps, turn-by-turn navigation, 3D buildings, offline caching, and dynamic routing for public transit.
Browser SynciCloud Tabs unify your browsing across all of your iOS and OS X devices with a list of tabs tucked behind an icon or sub-menu, along with your syncing with your desktop as well, as well as bookmark and search syncing.Absent.
Facebook IntegrationFacebook is integrated throughout iOS 6, which allows one to update your status and upload images from various apps, sync contacts, and have your Facebook events coordinate with your iOS Calendar.You can share and upload from pretty much anywhere in the OS, or inside most Android apps. Plus you can pull Facebook data for your contacts already stored on your phone, or pull all your Facebook friends into your contacts.Status updates, images, Contacts, Chat, and Events into Microsoft’s own sections (People, Messaging, Calendar, etc).
Voice CommandsSiri in iOS 6 gives the ability to pull data from even more sources (sports scores, movie times, dinner reservations), in more useful ways. Plus, Siri will be able to interface with car audio and navigation systems once iOS 6 goes live in the fall.Voice search and dictation across the entire OS, tapping into Knowledge Graph and a built-in speech recognizer that will be in future devices, voice input even while offline and like Siri, can deliver semantic search results. voice commands which allows one  to place calls, send texts, search the web, and launch an app all from your device.
Mobile PaymentsPassbook will collect tickets, rewards cards, debit/credit cards and more into a single app relies on both GPS and QR codes to work. It can also deliver updates and notifications for the items you have stored in Passbook (flight updates, expiring deals, etc). NFC may come in the next iPhone.Google Wallet includes mobile payments, deals/rewards/offers, and more but is losing support from partners.Wallet store credit/debit cards and rewards/loyalty cards, and has ability to access deals. With the secure NFC elements stored on SIM cards, it allow for more flexibility when it comes to the preferred standards of card companies and mobile carriers
Video ChatApple has FaceTime, which can place calls over 3G or Wi-Fi.Gmail/Google Talk-based video chat and  Google+’s Hangout.Skype, which is arguably the most universal standard.
Call FeaturesiOS 6 lets you decline a call with a canned SMS response, filter out calls annoying contacts, and includes a Do Not Disturb toggle.Android lets you compose a series of texts you can use as quick auto-replies when declining a call, and also lets you filter out calls from specific people, but it lacks the ability to enter into a Do Not Disturb mode.No pre-composed texts, no Do Not Disturb functionality.
MessagingiMessage. Gchat, Google Voice.Facebook messages, and Skype messages.
Smarter iconsIcons with badges.Android employs widgets.Live Tiles
Media Streaming Proprietary AirPlayProprietary  streaming to the $300 Nexus Q.SmartGlass to serve as its media streaming to the Xbox 360,  DLNA streaming support.

Do our readers think Microsoft has done enough to win the feature war against the other more mature mobile operating systems as the table suggests? Let us know below.

Read more at Gizmodo here.

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