Does the Xenon flash on the Nokia Lumia 928 actually make pictures Worse?

Nokia Lumia 920 Flash Nokia Lumia 928 Xenon flash
Nokia Lumia 920 with LED Flash Nokia Lumia 928 with Xenon Flash
Nokia Lumia 920 - No flash Nokia Lumia 928 No Flash
Nokia Lumia 920, no Flash Nokia Lumia 928, no Flash

GottabeMobile has tested the camera in the Nokia Lumia 928 and have come away disappointed.

The camera preserves its great performance in low light, as long as the Xenon flash is not used.

When used however people come away with an orange cast, with the reviewer saying:

I do not appreciate having skin tone that looked like I sat through a bad spray tan

Interestingly the issue is not inherent to the Xenon flash, as pictures taken by the Nokia 808 Pureview did not exhibit any of the issues.

See those pictures and also a comparison with the HTC One after the break.

Nokia 808 Pureview Xenon Flash Nokia 808 Pureview - No flash
Nokia 808 Pureview, Xenon Flash Nokia 808 Pureview, No Flash
HTC One LED Flash HTC One No Flash
HTC One, LED Flash HTC One, No Flash

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