Does Microsoft quietly dominate the online social universe?


(Blue is Microsoft influence, green is Google)

Techcrunch has an interesting article on the implication of the Skype deal on the balance of power in the social network universe and it turns out it certainly tips the game into Microsoft’s favour.

Skype with 663 million registered users outnumber Facebook, and of course Microsoft does have it fingers in the 629 million user Facebook pie.  Ad to this the 364 million active Hotmail users and the 330 million Windows Live users (not shown in the graphic above) is is clear Microsoft has a massive presence, and much more significant than Google’s 193 million Gmail users and 10 million Google Latitude users.  Does anyone even still use Buzz?

With the expiration of the DOJ supervision Microsoft can finally bring all these internet communities home to thick clients on Windows (Live Messenger is already the most use Facebook chat client for example) and weave them all together into a self-reinforcing network that should ensure Microsoft’s relevance for years to come.