‘Docker’ for Windows leaves beta, now available for public

July 29, 2016

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Docker for Windows and Mac have officially left beta today, and now are available officially for public release. In addition, the company is still keeping a version available as beta, releasing new features and bug fixes to that channel first before giving them to the stable release channel. New improvements to the official release include:

•Faster and more reliable – native development environment using hypervisors built into each operating system. (No more VirtualBox!)
•Improved Docker tools integration – all the Docker tools you need to develop locally are bundled in the app.
•Improved development flow – Volume mounting for your code and data, and easy access to running containers on the localhost network. In-container debugging with supported IDEs also help you live debug projects, and iterate code quicker with less effort.
•Enterprise network support that lets Docker for Mac and Windows work easily with VPNs.
•All the new features available in Docker Engine 1.12.
•Automatic updates, with different channels for stable and beta.

For those already in the beta program, you’ll stay in that program. Those who want to download the official release can download it here.

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