Docker for Azure now available in public beta



Docker for Azure private beta was first announced at DockerCon 2016 back in June this year. Today, Docker announced that it is now available in public beta. Docker for Azure is a great way for ops to setup and maintain secure and scalable Docker deployments on Azure. They have added the following enhancements during the private beta:

  • All container logs are stored in an Azure storage account for later retrieval and inspection. That means you no longer have to rummage around on hosts to find the error you’re looking for or worry that logs are lost if a worker is replaced.
  • Built-in diagnose tool lets you submit a swarm-wide diagnostic dump to Docker so that we can help diagnose and troubleshoot a misbehaving Docker for Azure swarm.
  • Improved upgrade stability so that you can confidently upgrade your Docker for Azure to the latest version

In addition to the above improvements, Docker on Azure already supports features like simple access and management using SSH, quick and secure deployment of websites using auto-provisioned and auto-configured load balancers, secure and easy-to-manage Azure network and instance configuration and more.

With Docker for Azure, IT ops teams can:

  • Deploy a standard Docker platform to ensure teams can seamlessly move apps from developer laptops to Dockerized staging and production environments, without risk of incompatibilities or lock-in.
  • Integrate deeply with underlying infrastructure to ensure Docker takes advantage of the host environment’s native capabilities and exposes a familiar interface to administrators.
  • Deploy the platform to all the places where you want to run Dockerized apps, simply and efficiently
  • Make sure the latest and greatest Docker versions are available for the hardware, OSs, and infrastructure you love, and provide solid upgrade paths from one Docker version to the next.

Check out the detailed docs and sign up on to be notified of updates and new beta versions.

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