Do you really, REALLY want to use VLC on Windows Phone but did not make the closed beta? There is a way.

by Surur
December 9, 2014

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The VLC for Windows Phone closed beta has around 10,000 users, but those slots were filled pretty quickly, meaning there are probably a few thousand who would have wanted to get in but were not quick enough.

WindowsBlogItalia however has the solution for you.  Due to VLC’s open source nature it is in fact possible to compile the media player yourself, or at least install an APPX some-one else compiled.

WindowsBlogItalia did just that, and have created detailed instructions for you to do the same.

  • A Windows Phone 8.1 handset is required.
  • You need to download the Windows Phone SDK 8.1  and the . appxbundle  (links at WBI).
  • Then register and developer unlock your handset.
  • Lastly use Windows Phone Application Deployment to send the APPX to your phone.

The desperate can find full detail and the download links at WindowsBlogItalia here.

Are any of our readers up for it?

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