DivvyUp – The ultimate bill splitter app now on SALE!


15, 2014

Author Oren // in Apps

DivvyUp, one of the best bill splitting apps you’ll find in any app store and exclusive only to Windows Phone, is now on sale for this weekend only!

Love going out to dinner with friends but hate having to split the bill afterwards?

DivvyUp makes check splitting fun and easy! Simply snap a picture of the receipt, choose who ordered each item, and instantly see exactly what everyone owes! DivvyUp uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to parse the receipt and then custom algorithms to identify relevant items so that it’s quick and easy to add all the items to be split (OCR currently supports US receipts only).

Don’t have a receipt? No problem! You can divvy up any purchase by manually entering in all the items as well (all currencies supported).

DivvyUp also includes a Quick Split option for when everyone pays the same amount, as well as a basic Tip Calculator.

The app is a free download but normally costs $1.29 to upgrade to Premium which includes the ability to use the OCR, save previous receipts, and more. But for this weekend only, the upgrade can be purchased for only $0.99 in all markets!QRCode

The app is extremely well built and has an intuitive user interface and is definitely worth the upgrade for anyone that regularly goes out to dinner or drinks with their friends.

Get it now before the sale ends!

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