Diurnal Word promises to teach you a new word every day

Diurnal Word is a beautifully designed educational app that aims to teach you a new word every day. The name of the app, “Diurnal” means daily – there, you’ve learned a new word.
Today’s word is “Pontificate”, a word which has a nice sounding ring to it.
There’s not much else it does besides teaching you a new word daily and looking pretty, but that’s what it wants to do and that’s what it achieves.
From the app description:

“Expand your vocabulary with Diurnal Word!

The app looks great in both the light and dark theme and has an unlimited free trial with ads!

Don’t forget to pin the live tile to your start screen to have a new word delivered to you daily!”

If you want to be a pithy and sometimes overly verbose wordsmith like me, download Diurnal Word for Windows Phone here for £0.79 or an unlimited free trial with ads and watch your vocabulary and ego grow.