Distimo Releases Detailed Windows Phone Marketplace Report


Today Distimo released their latest report on Windows Phone Marketplace. With over 40000 apps and 1 full year in smartphone marketplace, Windows Phone is yet to beat Nokia’s Symbian and Balckberry in app store numbers.

These are their major findings,

  • The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has the highest download volume in the United States with 101 k free downloads and 20k paid downloads per day in the top 300 most downloaded applications. Here, the download volume of the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is 39 times smaller relative to the download volume in the Apple App Store for iPhone.
  • Paid applications in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace have grown continuous with almost 1 300 new paid applications every month. Free applications have increased on average by 1650 new free applications month-over-previous month.
  • The number of publishers has consistently grown since the launch of the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace with 700 new publishers per month.
  • Nearly 50% of all applications are available in the 17 countries in which the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace was originally accessible. One-third of all applications are available in all 35 countries.
  • Developers find it easier to distribute paid content globally instead of free content. Free content is more localized in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.
  • The most popular category in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is Games. Other popular categories are Tools & Productivity, Entertainment and Travel & Navigation.
  • While games are not available in many other app stores in South Africa, Windows Phone 7 Marketplace in South Africa 64% of all the top 100 paid applications are games .
  • Japanese developers are locally successful; however, they find it hard to deploy this success to other countries- This is because Japan has a high daily download volume for free applications, but a low level of mutual popular free applications with other countries.

They have done a very detailed report which is available for free. Download it from the source link.

via: Techcrunch Source: Distimo