Disqus updates their Windows Phone app, releases new exclusive app


4, 2015

Disqus gets updated with a new design

Disqus is on of the few companies that support Windows Phone exclusively and wholeheartedly with a beautifully designed and responsive app.
Today there has been an update to the already very capable Windows Phone exclusive app which does a lot more than the usual bug fixes and enhancements.
From the changelog –

Site admins can now moderate comments
• Added Croatian language
• Updated all languages with newest translations
• Added linking support for SDK
• Misc. bug fixes and tweaks

Aside from this, a new Disqus Blog app was released as well.
This app is little more than a demo app which intends to show developers just how to integrate their apps with Disqus.
From the app description:

Keep up with Disqus company and community news with the Disqus company blog reader.

This is meant to serve as an example of how to use the Disqus Community Development Kit, and is aimed primarily at app developers looking to use Disqus in their own apps.

The current version demonstrates how you can show a feed of recent comments for your site, as well as how to launch the official Disqus app to the right discussion so users can participate.

Download Disqus and Disqus Blog.
Do you often make use of the Disqus app on your Windows Phone? Let us know in the comments.

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