Disqus: Hamburger Menus!




Lately, I’ve read a lot of discussions on Hamburger Menus. Most of the Windows Phone ‘fanboys’ doesn’t like hamburger menus on apps – which I personally think that there is a valid reason behind this. First off all, hamburger menus doesn’t really look good on Windows Phone as most of the apps already include a navigation on its app bar. Microsoft has recently introduced couple of new Windows 10 for Phone apps which come with a hamburger menu and as you may expect, a good amount of Windows Phone ‘fanboys’ doesn’t really like it – including me.

Personally, I think hamburger menus  are useful if they can be accessed by a swipe – for example, most of the Android apps allows users to open the menu just by swiping from left/right. However, I’ve not seen a lot of Windows Phone apps using the same technique on hamburger menus. Either way, I think hamburger menus doesn’t fit Windows Phone UI.

What do you think about hamburger menus? Disqus!

P.S: Apple doesn’t use hamburger menus on their apps. For real.

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