Disney Has Developed A Virtual Reality Game Using Kinect v2 To Promote Their ‘Planes 2: Fire & Rescue’ Game

Kinect Disney PlanesMicrosoft today announced that they have began shipping thousands of Kinect for Windows v2 sensors to developers worldwide. Also, they have released a preview version of the Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0. Microsoft was testing Kinect for Windows v2 sensor with no.of developers in private preview for months, one of them is Disney Entertainment. Disney has created a virtual reality game based on Kinect to promote their upcoming animated comedy-adventure feature film Planes 2: Fire & Rescue which is releasing in August.

The game lets fans of all ages take on the role of the film’s firefighting planes, Dusty and Dipper, as they race to protect Piston Peak National Park. The Kinect-powered experience does more than just control Dusty and Dipper—it lets players virtually become Dusty and Dipper, using body gestures to control the planes. Players’ arms become wings, and as they swoop and sway, their firefighting avatars execute aerial maneuvers, including water collections and drops. Dan Radford, head of digital marketing for Disney Studios European & UK division, explained to me that “the idea behind the game is to create an emotional connection with fans, to provide an immersive experience that engages audiences and movie goers of all ages.”

Disney will be placing this Kinect game for promotion over the weekend, the game kiosk will appear in six Odeon theater locations throughout the UK. It will be available at Disney’s Oxford Street store in London from the end of July, and at Disney stores nationwide from late August. In addition, a fire truck equipped with the game will be traveling throughout the UK, including appearances at various festivals/airshows.

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