Discuss: What do you think of Windows 10 November Update?


Microsoft released Windows 10 November Update to the public recently. With the latest update for Windows 10, Microsoft has added a bunch of new features and improvements. The company made improvements to Cortana, Microsft Edge, and sevearal other minor improvements. The update has been available for almost a week now — and I have been enjoying it on my main computer. It’s obviosuly faster than the intial release of Windows 10 — especially Edge. The browser has improved quite a lot on the November Update — unfortunately, it is still lacking extension support which is a much needed feature for power users.

The November Update also brings the new Messaging, Phone and Skype Video apps, which are…interesting. First up, is the Messaging app — it’s nice, but it lacks quite a lot of features. With the Messaging app, you can’t send an image, that’s a really important feature which should have been delivered with the first release of the app, but it’s not there just yet. When it comes to the Phone and Skype Video apps, those are pretty good bu at the end of the day, I still use the Skype app for desktop as I would rather use one app instead of using two different apps for Skype.

So, what do you think of Windows 10 November Update? Let us know in the comment section below.