Discuss: What do you think of the Surface Pro?

Microsoft’s newest Surface Pro has finally been announced, with a new kickstand, a new pen and more. This new Surface Pro ditches the numbering system that the firm has now described as “cumbersome” for a numberless system, the kind adopted by other PC manufacturers like HP, Apple and Dell. In addition, the firm brings the best of its new devices to the Surface Pro – adding in Surface Dial Support, an Alcantara covered Keyboard and doubling the battery life with support from the upgraded Kaby Lake internals.

It should go without saying that the new Pro is an improvement over the old one, it’s far more than a “refresh” as one embittered customer has taken to review it as in the Microsoft store (without even getting its hands on it). It’s also the first laptop-first Surface Pro in terms of marketing.  Microsoft has identified that people use the Surface Pro mostly as a really flexible laptop wich can become a tablet, a drawing pad or a desktop at a whim. With that in mind,  the firm is now branding it as the most versatile laptop rather than a tablet that’s replacing your laptop.  A step that acknowledges the reality of usage patterns and the flailing, iPad-centric, tablet market. Although, that makes the decision to sell the $150 keyboard separately look like a ploy to have a lower starting price rather than concern for consumers.

The Surface Pro 4 was already a good device, but Microsoft appears to have worked out all the quirks with it. We can’t know for sure how accurate the claims of Instant-on are, or how the 13.5 hours of battery life will hold up in real life especially when the Surface Pro 3 and 4 came out with disappointing battery life levels.

Overall, the Surface Pro seems like a really satisfying new device, It takes the good of the Surface Pro series and improves on it, while working on the bad. We’ll be reviewing it on release to see how it stacks up to what we think it’ll be like, but so far it’s looking good.

What do you think of the new Surface Pro? Let us know in the comments below.

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