Discuss: Do you like using Windows Phone/Mobile?


This may seem like a strange question to ask Windows Phone users who are presumably visiting a Windows Phone blog to talk about, but it is an actual genuine question. Do you enjoy using your Windows Phone? Do you enjoy using Windows Phone? Did you choose it because it was the cheapest thing and you were shocked it ran “like butter” for only “$30” at the village market sale.

It is important to note that the questions do you like your Windows Phone and do you like Windows Phone are different. The latter implies you like your particular device for example, a Lumia 735 and wouldn’t mind if it was swapped with iOS or Android, the latter indicates that you like Windows Phone the OS as a whole.

I like Windows Phone, I choose to use Windows Phone as an OS over all other OS. I have enough apps to keep me productive and communicating with people in my life, enough games to keep me occupied. The apps I use are well supported and most of them are already Windows 10 Mobile apps. For me, Windows is a complete OS that does all I want and I wouldn’t mind spending over 500 pounds to get a 950 XL for a top-notch experience.

However, I’ve run into windows phone users posting that Windows Phone is great for low-end devices and nothing else, or that they would rather use an iPhone over a 950, which raises the question. How many Windows Phone users like Windows Phone, or merely use it because it is cheap and nothing else was available.

Discuss your reasons why or why not in the comments below.

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