Discuss: Would you buy a Surface Book 2 if it’s a regular laptop?

Discuss: Would you buy a Surface Book 2 if it's a regular laptop? 1

Earlier this week, there was an interesting report regarding the Surface Book 2. The report stated that Microsoft might be dropping the 2-in-1 design for its upcoming Surface Book and opt for a regular laptop design instead. This obviously led to a lot of discussion regarding the Book 2, as some fans were fine with not having a 2-in-1 design on the Book 2 while others were not too happy.

Personally, I think Microsoft should not drop the 2-in-1 design on the Surface Book 2 completely. The company should offer two different variants of the device: one with the classic 2-in-1 design and one with a regular laptop design that’s cheaper. Microsoft already offers something similar for the Surface Pro 4 as you can now get the device without a Surface Pen — so a special Surface Book 2 without the classic 2-in-1 design could definitely be a thing. This will allow people to pick up a Surface Book 2 at a lower price if they don’t need the 2-in-1 design — but if you want to be able to use the clipboard mode on the Surface Book, you could pay slightly more and get the 2-in-1 design instead.

To put it simply, I think a Surface without a convertible design simply isn’t “a Surface.” Let’s not forget that the Surface Book’s 2-in-1 design and the clipboard mode made the Surface Book unique and different from all the other premium laptops in the market.

So, would you buy a Surface Book 2 if it’s a regular laptop design or do you prefer the classic 2-in-1 design that made Surface so popular? Share your thoughts below!