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GeoTag is a program that lets you send your location with SMS.  With GeoTag, you can share you exact position all around the world thanks to a simple SMS. Your friends will receive your GPS coordinates and/or a link to see your position on a map. Share your location with your friends!

Main functions:

  • Send a simple GeoTag, enter a phone number or choose one of your friend’s one and write your message
  • Send your GPS location (latitude/longitude), a link to Bing Map (only for Bing Map mobile compatible devices) or both
  • See your location on a map
  • Show your GPS coordinates
  • Save the last known location in case of GPS malfunction
  • Save a default message and choose until 4 contacts in your phone book with advanced Geotag (sending advanced GeoTags is only available in the full version)
  • Share your position on social networks and by email (only available in the full version)

qrcodeIn what kind of occasion you could use GeoTag?

  • to taunt your friends when doing a trip in another country
  • to tell your exact location when doing a long drive
  • to share interesting locations with your friends restaurants, nice place to visit, …)
  • when having a breakdown in an unknown place
  • to know where your children are
  • in emergency situation (serious injury, kidnapping, …)

** GeoTag is downloadable for free for a limited time, feel free to download it and share your position! **

Supported languages:Deutsch, English, Español, Français, suomi, svenska.

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