Discord unveils new stage voice channles

March 31, 2021
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Discord’s new stage voice channels give community servers better control for audio-only events where only a select few can talk. 

Announced in a Twitter post from Discord, the new stage channel allows “only a select number of participants to be speaking at one time with a majority of the audience in passive, listening mode” as detailed in an FAQ released alongside the new feature. 

With Discord servers often predictably chaotic, this new voice channel and its associated tool should help to rein order when running events, rather than relying on everyone to be good and keep quiet on their own. 

Setting up one of these new channels comes in three easy steps,
1:  Start by creating a new channel.

  • You can do this by pressing the “+” button in the sidebar channel list or by heading into the  Server Settings menu and selecting “Create Channel”.

2:  Select the “Stage Channel” option as the Channel Type

  • Note that currently only users with Manage Channels and Manage Roles can create new Stage channels!

3:  Once you hit “Next”, you will be prompted to add roles or members who you want to grant Stage moderator permission to. 

At the moment, only 1000 users can participate in a Stage channel, with Discord working to expand and increase that number soon to allow for even bigger audiences.

With Discord potentially being acquired by Microsoft, as they look for buyers, unique features like this might well add to that asking price if they’re well received.

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