Discord has announced that the service is temporarily increasing its Go Live streaming and screen share limit in order to help with coronavirus restrictions.

The news was announced on Twitter, with Discord saying that the company knows that “a lot of you around the world are currently using Discord to keep in touch and perform daily tasks from keeping up with classes to working from home. We want to help make your world a little less stressful.”

As such, the Go Live limit has been temporarily increased from 10 to 50 people for the next few months.

“We’ll keep this limit up while it’s most critically needed,” the company wrote. “Please have patience with us as performance issues may arise in streams with a large number of people.”

If you’re new to Discord and the Go Live feature, you can find answers to most of your questions over at the official Discord support website here.

The 2019 novel coronavirus has recently been classified as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation. At the time of publishing, there have been 118,322 cases of COVID-19 confirmed globally, with 3,162 deaths confirmed in China and 1,130 deaths outside of China.

Maintaining good hygiene practices, such as washing your hands regularly and covering your mouth when you cough and sneeze, can help to prevent the spread of most viruses and keep yourself and others safe from infection.

If you have concerns regarding COVID-19, you can visit the World Health Organization website to check on the status of the outbreak and educate yourself on related issues.