Microsoft’s rumored disc-less interpretation of the Xbox One console may be launching sooner than we thought.

According to Windows Central, the new disc-less Xbox One is codenamed Xbox Maverick.

Aimed at more hardcore gamers due to its all-digital nature, the Maverick is designed around non-physical purchases subscription services. (Xbox Game Pass/EA Access)

Also according to Windows Central, Xbox Maverick will start preorders around mid-April 2019. With this in mind, units will start shipping in early May. Much like Xbox One X, Microsoft is shooting for a worldwide launch.

Interestingly, Fortnite may be the first game to have a special edition for the Maverick line. Instead of a traditional game bundle, Fortnite will see a custom design, much like the Gears 4 Xbox One console.

Whether or not the Xbox Maverick will be a successful hardware revision or not isn’t something we can say for certain. With a large amount of internal storage and the inclusion of Game Pass, it has the potential to be the jumping off point for a digital-only future.

Source: Windows Central