Dirt 5 Xbox Series S gameplay released for PAX x EGX event


16, 2020

While Microsoft has pushed to consoles towards consumers for this holiday period – Xbox Series X and the less powerful Xbox Series S – they haven’t shown much gameplay of either console in action. Developer Codemasters is here to break that trend with proper Dirt 5 Xbox Series S gameplay released on YouTube. 

Published as part of the PAX Online x EGX Digital event, Codemasters’ official next-gen gameplay showed the upcoming rally racer running on Xbox Series S hardware at 60fps.

While only a short gameplay clip coming in at 1:20, the official Xbox Series S gameplay video is one of the only situations where we’ve seen actual gameplay for Microsoft’s machine.

Dirt 5 is set to include enhanced next-gen features, such as hardware accelerated ray-tracing, on Xbox Series X and S, but that technology doesn’t appear to be on show here. Check it out below:

YouTube player

Dirt 5 is a cross-generation title for PC, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X and S and PlayStation 5. It releases on November 6th with 120fps support on next-gen consoles.

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