Director Of User Experience For Windows 8 Talks On Desgin Elements And More

Sam Moreau, Director of User Experience for Windows, Windows Live and Internet Explorer at Microsoft recently did an interview with Gizmodo talking on Windows 8 and the new re-imagined Metro UI.

Here is an excerpt from the interview which I think is more interesting,

Giz: Right, when I talk to people about Windows Phone, some people don’t like the cutoff text or whatever. But it has a sense of vision—a really strong sense of vision—and I think that’s a good thing, one way or another.

SM: Yeah, because that was the thing that we get blamed for a lot. Or, I would say the thing that annoys me about Android is I don’t think it has a point of view. I think it’s trying to be this weird sci-fi version of an Apple design language, poorly executed. Some of it is starting to get there, you know, they got Matias there, and some things are starting to get a little better. They’re starting to get that—some sense of soul, but I do think that a lot of their soul is derived from some other place.

On ARM based Windows 8 machines,

Giz: Any difference in UI or animations with ARM-based Windows 8?

SM: We had to work on animations and different framerates based on the behaviors of ARM We’re working to make them the same. Our goal is always to not have any ‘forks’ in anything because it’s just more efficient. Where we’re at now, it’s still a goal—we still haven’t finished deciding whether that works or not because we have to get a bunch of ARM stuff in and test it.

Read the full interesting post here at Gizmodo.