Updated:Direct3D Drivers for HTC Kaiser/ AT&T Tilt nearly here?





They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, so how many volumes does this video, showing a 3D object being rendered in real time on a HTC Kaiser speak? HTCClassaction has been pursuing the quest of unleashing the power of the 3D hardware built into the Kaiser for some months now, and now appear closer than ever. In fact a .cab file with the 3D fix is promised to be released as early as tomorrow.



The driver will only bring Direct3D and OpenGL hardware acceleration, and so will not affect the day to day speed of the device, but its likely to help immensely in implementing modern attractive 3D interfaces like TouchFlo3D on the now aging devices, and should also benifit games and emulators on the hardware greatly.

Update:  The  3D drivers are now available here. Its confirmed to work on Dutty’s Diamond V1 ROM, but fails on the sstandard HTC Tytn II WM6.1 ROM.

Follow the saga at HTCClassaction.org

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