DiNoGames Developer brings 6 games to Windows Phone 7

With Windows Phone 7 release drawing nearer, I found myself getting worried about the amount of high quality apps that would be available for the platform. So I did what any person would do, search YouTube. I came across a developer called DiNoGames who is ready to launch 6 apps/games for WP7.

A Beanstalk Tale – a vertical platformer with Boss Battles
Acceleroid – a mix of classic Breakout and Space Invaders
Drum Machine – a virtual drumset with advanced features
MetronomeHD – a simple Metronome with a twist
Pink Mist – a 3D sniper game using accelerometer and zoom
Valgards Fate – A top view RPG with items and upgrades

Now surely this was a small development studio with a dozen employees right? Nope, DiNoGames is just one guy named Dirk Nordhusen (hence DiNo). So that got me thinking, if one guy can make all of these cool little apps and games imagine how much more of this development is happening right now. Sure most of these are ports of his Zune HD games, but that is the genius of the WP7 platform. Microsoft built WP7 with XNA, .NET, & Silverlight at its core. So that is going to allow thousands of developers to port games and apps with minimal time and effort.

Check out A Beanstalk Tale running on real WP7 hardware.
Jump to about 1:20 to see the game in action using accelerometer.

Check out Pink Mist, jump to 0:45 to see the action.

So now I am much more confident that the WP7 platform will be overflowing with apps on launch day. Many of them being games we know and love, and many being new games we will learn to love.

So what do you guys think? Did Microsoft do enough to make sure the core OS is capable enough? Will it be enough to bring in the big developers to make the platform a success?