Digitimes sources not optimistic about Windows Phone in 2014



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image.pngTaiwan-based IT rag Digitimes is claiming their handset supply chain sources are somewhat lacking in optimism about Windows Phone momentum in 2014.

Windows Phone has seen steadily improving market share this year, but they claim the OS will continue to compete unfavourably with iOS and Android due to the app situation.

They also expect the 10% contribution from OEMs other than Nokia will decrease further due to Microsoft’s integration with Nokia’s handset division.

The criticism seems rather insightless however.  While there are real reasons why Windows Phone might falter such as the absence of Nokia’s brand name in 2014 and the lack of a killer model like the Nokia Lumia 520, there are also multiple reasons why Windows Phone will continue to improve, including greater investment by Microsoft, an improving app situation, due to developers thinking of Windows Phone from the start, and important apps like Instagram finally arriving on the platform, and increased familiarity of the general population with the OS, due to penetration already achieved in 2013.

Do our readers think Windows Phone has peaked, or are we just at the start of a wild roller coaster? Let us know below.

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