Digitimes: Android’s high hardware demands may boost Windows Phone, others

imageDigitimes Research reports that Android may be losing out on the low-end, as the power-hungry operating system is increasingly optimised for expensive and cutting edge hardware.

While vendors can still use older versions of Android, designed for slower processors and graphics chips, this would mean losing out on features customers have come to expect.

With new competition expected from the cheaper iPhone 5C, which will function smoothly even on slower and cheaper hardware, they suggest vendors may turn to some smaller operating systems such as FireFox OS, Tizen, MeeGo and Windows Phone, which will still offer a good user experience competitive with iOS on cheap hardware.

Of course from the operating systems listed Windows Phone has the fuller ecosystem, but costs money while the others are free, and we hope Microsoft takes advantage of this opportunity by offering attractive deals to OEMs who want to broaden their offerings.