DigitalVersus crowns the HTC Titan camera ahead of the iPhone 4S, Nokia Lumia 800, and SE Xperia Ray


(HTC Titan on the left, Nokia Lumia 800 on the right)

When we posted the comparison of the HTC Titan with the Nokia Lumia 800 yesterday, it was merely based on our own judgement of the test pictures compared.

Now DigitalVersus, who keeps a database of cameras from a large number of devices tested under lab conditions, have weighed in with their own verdict, and it crowns the HTC Titan an unexpected winner.

They found:

We compared the Lumia 800 with the HTC Titan, Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray and Apple iPhone 4S, which we consider to be the best cameraphones we’ve tested to date.

We found the Lumia 800 camera very pleasant to use. It has a fast autofocus and saves pictures quickly. Plus, on the whole, the Lumia 800 camera takes photos that are really quite good quality.

As with Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Ray, we found that photos taken with the Lumia 800 were a touch less sharp than those taken with the iPhone 4S and HTC Titan, which came out more richly detailed.

Compared with the Apple handset, Nokia’s new smartphone doesn’t handle noise quite as well either, and the test shot taken in low-light conditions was full of coloured pixels. Again, the Xperia Ray behaves in a similar way to the Lumia 800 in this respect.

Colours in the Nokia Lumia 800 are too cold while colours in the iPhone 4S are a bit too warm. Bang in-between the two, the Xperia Ray gives colours that are more neutral and more accurately rendered.

So how does the Lumia 800 fare against the excellent HTC Titan? Although the Titan did struggle slightly with some of the ‘Barbie’ test shots, on the whole, HTC’s outsized handset still has a better camera than the other three smartphones cited above.

So while all of these mobiles actually have very good cameras, with all criteria taken into account, we’d place the HTC Titan and the Apple iPhone 4S just ahead of the Xperia Ray and the Lumia 800, which offer similar levels of quality.

Read the full article and see many comparison shots at DigitialVersus here.