Digital Audio Book listen to audiobooks on your Windows Phone 8


11, 2013

Author Nab0y // in Apps

The book is good, but sometimes it happens that read simply uncomfortable or is not possible, for example when you’re driving, exercise or simply does not allow sight, then come to the aid of audiobooks.

Audiobook player for Windows Phone 8 Digital Audio Book, specially designed for convenient and comfortable it is listening audiobooks.

Digital Audio Book is able to remember not only the latest position in each of the books added to the library, but also the position of each of the files of the book. It is also possible to add custom bookmarks and give the names of the bookmarks.

You can download books through SkyDrive or as podcasts, for example from Librivox. Or through a specially designed application on your home Wi-Fi network.

Some have good audiobook soporific effect and often it is not so much the merit of the author as Narrator. Agree that sleep beneath the book, and in the morning wake up with almost discharged battery is not very promising, so the program has a sleep timer, which can not only stop the playback, but also completely close the application.

For the convenience of users for creating descriptions of books and download books to the device there is a satellite program (program only for PC) – Digital  Book Audio Server, which allows you to quickly and conveniently create meta description of the book, add a description of the book and of each of the chapters and most importantly its applicability, download books to the device within your home Wi-Fi network. The latest version of Digital Audio Book Server always can be downloaded from developer SkyDirve.


  • Playing in the background
  • Storing the current book
  • Last position memory for each audio file
  • Custom bookmarks
  • Sleep Timer
  • Loading of the book through SkyDrive, via podcast or a local server – separate utility
  • Voice control of player, voice commands to continue playing, adding bookmarks, stop playing with the ability to complete the application (English (United States), Russian only)
  • Live Tiles, both for application and for books
  • Quick track navigation
  • Volume control

The app is $1.99 with a free trial and can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

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