Did the HTC HD2 outsell the Nexus One?


Now of course we do not know how many HTC HD2’s were sold, but we can be very certain HTC’s whole first shipment did in fact sell-out, with shortages all over the place.

The same can not be set of HTC’s Android ‘superphone’ , which is estimated to have sold only 20 000 units, despite the full force of Google’s all powerful advertising network being behind it.  In fact its likely if you look to the left you will see an add for the Nexus, as Google has been pushing its ad onto many Windows Mobile sites using Google ads, and of course most companies would kill to get a front-page add on the Google search home page.

Claims of 6 million Nexus One sales in 2010 now seem a tad optimistic – 20 000 x 50 is only equal to one million.

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