Did Microsoft break the Windows Phone 7.8 Bing Search feature?

by Surur
September 3, 2015

According to AdDuplex around 7% of Windows Phone users (so around 5 million) are still on Windows Phone 7.x, an OS which is of course no longer supported.

It seems Microsoft feels those 3 year old handsets have had a long enough run, as users on Microsoft’s support forums are complaining that Microsoft appeared to have broken some functionality on their handset.

In particular their Bing Search button, which used to open a rich search experience including Local Scout, Bing Music Search and Bing Vision, not to mention voice search, appears to be broken, and the button now redirects to a Bing.com page in Internet Explorer.

The reason for this change is not clear, but users are rather unhappy that their fully functional handsets, which have in some cases been passed on to relatives, or in other cases are still in use by the original users, appears to have been broken on purpose.

Are any of our readers in the same boat, and will this encourage you to upgrade to a more modern Windows Phone? Let us know below.

[source link=”http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/mobiledevices/forum/mdlumia-mdupdate/music-and-qr-code-search-is-missing-on-windows-78/a38794f3-8611-457b-98d1-92c48f0f177f?msgId=580096e7-fc5b-48ba-8710-948cc111683e”]Answers.Microsoft.com[/source]


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