Diagnose your car: an update especially for speed lovers !

Diagnose your car was an application  introduced previously (see the article here. Since then the app was updated. On the car data menu you have more data to check. Two new menus also appeared:


If you’d like to measure how fast your car is , now you can! the vehicle speed is directly read from the car! You can share your performance with your friends on social networks!


This section provides 4 videos that  shows you how the application works… on a car!

‘Diagnose you car’ still supports 4 languages: French , English, Spanish and Portuguese. Soon the application will be translated in Vietnamese, Polish, Arabic and Russian so stay tuned! If you want to contribute to the translation of this app do not hesitate to contact the developer.

You can download the Application from here or from the QR Code right.

Note: Respect the speed limits of your countries!