Devs who install Mango under NDA

lips2It seems, for some reason, despite the very public release of Windows Phone Mango to the media a few days ago, the devs who will soon be dealing with the nuts and bolts of the OS will not be able to talk about it.

As part of the agreement developers click through when they install the software is point 8.

“8. Confidentiality: By participating in this program, the developer agrees to not publish any content, screenshots or comments in any media in advance of the official launch of Windows Phone ‘Mango’.

While some say this is simply a cut and paste from a standard agreement it does look specifically crafted, suggesting some purpose behind it, and some consequences for developers who do not comply.

Winrumors suggest it may be Microsoft trying to prevent negative comments by developers hitting the media, but a more optimistic interpretation is that developers may soon get updates for their devices enabling features which have so far not been implemented, such as twitter integration, making their experience different from what has already been revealed to the media.

On the other hand, in the end with many thousands of developers having access to the software, no matter how dire the warning I am sure a lot of information will leak in any case, which means the only thing Microsoft really achieves is dampening the free exchange of information and knowledge between developers.