Developers: Up To $100 Million Available To Purchase Windows Apps


Microsoft today highlighted the huge opportunity for Windows app developers in the next few months. Windows Store saw 2.4x more revenue than the Jan-Nov average during last holiday season and Microsoft expects to see a similar trend as we begin the 2014 holiday season with the US Thanksgiving holiday on November 27, extending through January 2015. There are new devices in the market and lots of holiday promotions going on which will drive sales of new devices.

How Microsoft is Promoting Apps this Holiday?

  • Over the coming weeks Microsoft and its partners will begin holiday promotions and advertising. We are anticipating roughly $100 million (USD) in Windows Store Gift Cards to be available in market, starting this holiday season for consumers to purchase Windows and Xbox apps, games, music and video content across 41 markets. This includes gift cards available for purchase in retail stores or electronically as well as those distributed as part of promotional offers from retail and hardware partners.
  • Microsoft will also be ramping up holiday advertising to keep Windows devices and the Store top of mind this holiday shopping season. This will include online and digital advertising in addition to in-app and television advertising in select markets.   As always Microsoft will partner with retailers to help ensure that Windows is prominent in physical and online stores this holiday season. You can find the latest updates on and
  • We’ve also taken steps at the OS and platform level to improve app merchandising and discoverability in the past few months.  Since last holiday we’ve increase the local Store merchandising slots by 55x, dramatically increasing the chances that a customer will see your app when browsing the Store.
  • Windows and Windows Phone 8.1 have also made apps much more discoverable and engaging. The Store UI was updated to offer greater content density and improve navigation with fewer clicks. We also made the Store and modern apps more discoverable and accessible by placing a Store icon in the taskbar and enabling your apps to be pinned there as well.

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