Developers should release their Mango apps now


There is a debate whether developers should wait for the official roll-out of Mango or release their Mango-ready apps now, as Microsoft has been suggesting.

Developers reluctant to update their apps in Marketplace to Mango worry about leaving their NoDo users unsupported to chase a very small audience, and there have even been arguments that developers who release apps now will miss being in the “new release” Marketplace charts when Mango does actually come out, and then be buried deeply in the avalanche of newly updated apps.

The counter argument however is typified by the above tweet by qReadie developer Chris Sainty, which shows that there is in fact already a pretty large number of Mango phones out there, from people who hacked the OS on their handsets (something which is pretty easy to do) and that this contingent are pretty hungry for new Mango apps, meaning this is actually a unique opportunity to get ahead of your slower rivals who are still waiting for the NoDo masses.

In conclusion, if your app is the first in its class to get to Mango, I am 100x more likely to download it than your NoDo competitors. That’s the kind of advantage you cant buy, and I suggest canny developers take as soon as possible.