Developers optimistic about Windows Phone 7, starting to deliver the goods

windowsphone7 apps

We saw the collage of applications recently released by an ex-Microsoft employee (including goodies such as a New York Times, Yelp and Youtube app), and while it is far from 200 000 applications, the collection does serve as some indication of developer sentiment to the platform, and so far it is looking pretty good.

PCWorld have interviewed some developers attending a Microsoft Bizsparks program for start-ups, and while they note most mobile developers were taking a wait and see approach, many of the attendees there had already jumped in and were talking about or demonstrating applications they were building for the new platform.

He saw big names such as uStream and Loopt, and stealth start-ups like Cellixis with its restaurant directory plans for Windows phone 7, and observed most applications were not just re-hashes of iPhone versions, but bore the genuine look and feel of the OS, making use of features such as Live Tiles and the panoramic user interface. 

PCWorld noted:

If every Windows Phone 7 developer takes this approach, the ecosystem will feel more like the coherent universe of iPhone apps than like Android, where there’s hardly any consistency from one app to another.

Harry McCracken from PCWorld concludes:

If the WinPhone programs that are available on day one live up to the promise of the ones I saw, I think there’s a good chance that people will be pleasantly surprised by the third-party software situation.

Com2uS, who recently made $250,000 on an Android app, also had a look at Windows Phone 7 and said

We went to Seattle and got to touch the prototype of [Windows Phone 7], and it looked great in terms of UI, I believe it’s going to be a big hit.

Do our readers feel, as the launch of Windows phone 7 nears, that confidence and sentiment towards the OS and its chances are rising generally? Let us know below.