Developers: OneNote API Updated With Support For Querying OneNote Pages

OneNote Everywhere

Microsoft OneNote API team today announced a new beta of the API with additional features. They have added support for querying OneNote pages in Beta. This allow developers to call the API to query the pages a user has access to regardless of which notebook or section they are in. And it includes querying for pages in both notebooks owned by and shared with the user in a single call.

For instance, you can now use the API to:

  1. Build a list view of pages a user has saved to OneNote via your app and allow them to open the page in OneNote or OneNote Online.
  2. Build a “Save to OneNote” location picker that gives users full context of their notebook hierarchy (notebooks-> section groups-> sections-> pages) when choosing a save location.
  3. Query for pages containing a keyword or phrase in the title. For instance, a news app that saves articles to OneNote could use the API to allow users to search for articles that read “Seattle” in the headline.

OneNote team is also working on the case that requires retrieving the contents of the page! stay tuned for updates from them.

Source: OneNote blog