Developers: Microsoft Canada Announces Mango App Challenge

Microsoft Canada today announced its “Mango App Challenge” for developers. Build two quality Windows Phone apps and publish it to marketplace, you will get a free Windows Phone device from Microsoft.

How to Get Started Building Apps for Windows Phone and Enter the Mango App Challenge

  • Visit the Microsoft Canada Windows Phone Developer Resource Page:  This is a one-stop link shop for pretty much everything you need to start building for Windows Phone (in fact, the links below this one are included in this Resource page)
  • Download the free developer tools
  • Learn how to develop for Windows Phone with free training like this, this and this
  • Register as a Canadian-based publisher on the App Hub (this will allow you to publish apps to the Marketplace)
  • Build and test your 2 apps.  Then submit your apps for certification in the Marketplace.  When it passes certification, publish your apps.
  • Submit your 2 published apps to the Mango App Challenge before December 15, 2011.
  • If you meet the requirements of the Mango App Challenge and there are still phones available from this offer, then you will be notified that you have scored yourself a free Windows Phone!
You can find more details on the challenge here.