Developers! Maximize your PubCenter ADs revenue with new tool

Today we are glad to announce our new application for all and every Windows Phone/Windows 8 developer who are using Microsoft PubCenter to get revenue from their applications.

If you are not wp/win8 developer or don’t know what PubCenter Advertisements is you can ignore this post. Otherwise, continue.

Developers! Maximize your PubCenter ADs revenue with new tool 1Microsoft PubCenter is advertisement framework which allows you to show AD banner within your app. PubCenter gives you ability to configure AdUnit. The issue is that there are 24 advertisement categories with more than 300 subcategories and each category could generate different revenue. Average revenue from 1k impressions (eCPM) could be from ~0 to ~1 USD and you couldn’t predict which category is better to use.

Here you have three options:

  • Configure AdUnit to display ads related to your application. This is Microsoft’s recommended solution but for us it never works
  • Configure AdUnit as ‘Uncategorized’. It could be good solution but it will not give you optimized revenue
  • Configure AdUnit and specify 3 (PubCenter limitation) most profitable categories which maximize your revenue. In this case “PubCenter Adviser” will help you!

"PubCenter Adviser" is our new tool which helps you to decide what profit could give you each and every PubCenter category. It displays list of categories (24 item) and specify eCPM (profit for 1k impressions) based on our own PubCenter reports.Where do we get this data? No, it’s not random values as you could think. We collect them from our different application and from PubCenter Adviser itself. Yes, this app shows you PubCenter ads and based on this reports (partially) we show you eCPM values for each category. More impressions are shown within PubCenter Adviser – more accurate value you get.Developers! Maximize your PubCenter ADs revenue with new tool 2

This is the main idea and I hope it will help you to maximize your revenue.

Looking forward to your feedback, suggestions and critics:
Developers! Maximize your PubCenter ADs revenue with new tool 3


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