Developers: Learn What’s New In Office Developer Platform

What's new in the world of apps for Office?

Developers can learn what’s new in the new world of apps for Office. In the above video, you can know about top 5 new features including amazing content apps for PowerPoint, Excel APIs for formatting, content apps for Access, mail APIs for body and attachments and compose mail apps.

Last week we caught up with Jeremy Thake to talk about the apps for Office model itself and what is new, different and better versus the more traditional extensibility options in Office, SharePoint and Exchange. This week we examine things that have recently been added as new capabilities to the apps for Office model itself. The great thing about the cloud and its agile development is that the extensibility platform itself can continually evolve. So we highlight the top 5 recent additions and enhancements to the apps for Office model.

Recently, Microsoft has released Office 365 Preview APIs as well,

Microsoft’s preview release of our new Office 365 APIs extends the platform that we introduced in Office 2013 by adding the ability for both websites and native applications to consume Office 365 data.

This is powerful. Now, both web applications as well as native applications running on Windows 8, iOS, Android, and other device platforms can consume Office 365 data by using REST APIs and standard OAuth flows.

This preview release of Office 365 APIs supports a limited number of SharePoint, Exchange, and Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) data sources. But this is only the start of a much larger innovation. Moving forward, we’ll also support additional data sources in SharePoint and Exchange as well as supporting additional services like Yammer.

Whereas the innovation in SharePoint 2013 was having the ability to insert external apps in Office files, the investment now is enabling your applications to consume Office data over the wire using REST/OData for data transport and OAuth for authentications and authorization.

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